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Featured Modification::

Double Decker Memory Foam

 - $


Plus Return Shipping

This modification is designed for touring style riding or a very good all day in the saddle type riding. The seat is reshaped to disperse the rider's weight and the foam is replaced with two layers of our memory foam designed specifically for the rider's weight. The factory seat cover is re-used with this modification.

Riding Position/Height Benefits:
Seat pan design, material, along with your height, weight and riding style limit the amount our modifications can alter the  seat height and/or riding position.
  • Height: Lowered, raised or maintained
  • Position: Forward or Backward 
Comfort Benefits
  • Comfort: All Day
  • Double Memory Foam Added
  • Reshaped For Comfort

This mod is NOW available for the Harley Davidson Pan America.


This is what I would call the best bang for the buck modification, it works great for all riders and is highly recommended for all riders weighing 210+ pounds.

Only for stock Harley Davidson Touring bike seats 2011 and newer.
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