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I had the modification done before a weekend of riding in the hill country of Texas. First off, these guys are very customer oriented. They want riders to be happy, but don't try to sell something you don't need. Second, they stay on top of things. When my seat did not arrive as planned, they initiated a trace for me. When they located the seat, it arrived on appointment day, they called right away and got it completed within the same day and shipped back. This was a Thursday and without having me pay for expedited shipping they got it back to me by Saturday. The most important part is that the modification worked. I can ride for hours and don't shift in the seat to get rid of soreness. It has been comfortable and looks great. If you want a more comfortable ride, this is a great place to get your seat modified. Call them and they will work with you to do the right modification on your seat. Their prices are very reasonable and the seat looks just like it did before, just more comfortable.
John - Texas — Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Seat is as good as the Mustang Seat and Ultimate Seats I've had on other bikes at a fraction of thre cost! Great customer service. Thanks MCC for the great job!
Fred W — 2009 Harley Davidson Electra Glide
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
I am 5 foot six and the road king sat to high for me i had trouble reaching the kick stand. I had the seat lowered 2 inches and forward one inch. I was very impressed with the fit and finish it appeared stock and is very comfortable.It is the best modification i've ever done to a motorcycle and they did exactly what they said they where going to do when they said they where going to do it.Very professional and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone.
Richard Phillips — Harley
Modification: 2008 Road King Classic
Absolutely the best customer service I have ever experienced, and I am the guy who sont hesitate to leave a penny tip to a below average waiter. This IS how you run a business. Robby answred all my questions (and I had a lot). During our conversation I never felt like he was trying to get me off the phone. As for the seat,,, I dont sit on the bike,,, It feels like I am part of it. Only one word, PHENOMIAL! I was very nervous about spending that much on fixing my seat. I couldnt find a seat that kept the original fit form with better cousion. They all seem to be suited to shorter riders that need additional leg reach. I am 6'1" and dont need the additional reach. The best of both, original fit with better feel. I AM HAPPY!!!
John Davis — 2011 Fat Boy
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
My stock seats SUCK,,, sent them to MCC and what really astonished me was the service. I wasn't treated like they were trying to get off the phone. Robbie answered ALL my questions with appreciable detail. I felt like I was the only customer he had. NOW THATS HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS,,, As for my seats: Riders seat - I dont sit on it, it feels like I am "in" the seat. I am 6'1" and they moved me back a bit,,, simply awesome. Passenger seat - also a big difference; wider, higher (slightly) and much more comfortable. I almost bought a sundowner for $500+ but it was narrower than my stock. I liked the feel/fit of the stock seat, was just too hard. Robbie and MCC solved my problem of comfort while maintaining the size fit I wanted to retain; and even kept the stock look. I can't say enough. Thanks Robbie.
Guest — 2011 Fatboy
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Our VTX Website recommended Allen and his Crew for the Mod.I called and asked alot of questions and they always explained everything in detail. Have ridden her for 200 miles and she feels great. Took me off of the tank and the gave me a better riding position. They do what they say and their work is excellent !
Ray Ball , Florence , MS. — 2007 VTX 1800 Tourer
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
I had my standard seat modified and the quality of work and customer service was great.
Guest Gene — Harley
Modification: FLHTC
It's been 10k miles and smooth sailing. Mean City took care of my riding comfort quickly and affordably. I told them what I wanted and they delivered. They didn't try to sell me any more than I needed and their recommendation saved me money. The seat is great! The rides are comfortable. The service was so good I've sent many others to Mean City. Keep up the excellent work! Thanks, Bill
Bill Bailey — 07 FXD
Modification: Riders Choice
I have disabilities from a prior bike accident. I got this Yamaha without riding it myself but on my husband's saying "it's good" after taking the test ride. The bike caused me great pain. We thought a Mean City seat mod would fix the problem but it turned out to be more than just the seat and riding position that didn't fit. Mean City did an awesome job and the mod made a HUGE improvement. I finally got rid of that Yamaha and went back to a Honda. My new VTX causes me no pain but I am still going to have Mean City pad my seat. That is how much I love this modification! Thank you guys.
Diana Hamilton, Knoxville TN — 2006 Yamaha VStar Silverado
Modification: Driver seat - memory foam
I was about to spend big bucks to lower the shocks on my ultra as I felt I sat up too high in the saddle and didnt like the ride at all - didn't feel in control of the bike like I wanted. Found out about meancitycycles seat modifications and I am one happy biker... I sit lower in the saddle and have much more control of the bike and a new level of comfort. No more butt burn!! I got the seat back as promised and rode over 400 miles this weekend and just love it!! If you are riding on a stock seat,, you owe it to yourself to get the most enjoyment possible from your riding time. This is awesome !
T Cooper Fredericksburg, Va — 2007 HD Ultra Classic
Modification: memory foam driver/passenger
Best thing I ever did. I got my seat lowered and It restored my confidence at stops and in parking lots. The new seat is real comfortable and look forward to pounding out some miles. These guys are great to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Guys and best of luck in the future. Dean Coghill
Guest — 2011 Ultra Classic
It's been a while since I've received the seat back and would like to congratulate you and everybody there at Mean City Cycles for the wonderful work they've done on my 09 Kawasaki EN500. Since the mod I have put over 600 miles on the bike and have to say, what a difference! Great ridding position and no more back pain. I've rode it for hours and hours and no more pain in the end of the day. In one word, from customer service, passing by the actual work, and the handling and delivery, Mean City Cycles have done a great job. Couldn't be happier. A big thanks from your friend here on Guam. Ari PS: I will be trying to send you better pictures in the coming weeks, as soon as I am back to the island.
Aristides Emmanuel Pereira — 09 Kawasaki EN500
Modification: Memory Foam
I got my seat back Saturday put it on went for short ride, most important thing was I could get both feet on ground. rode 100 miles last evening have not complaints vey comfortable seat I am very pleased, will recommend to anyone
Guest — 2011 Electra Glide Classic
Hands down the best money i have spent on my bike.Wanted to move back and drop down in the seat some,i am 6'3 and it is perfect.The seat is so much more comfortable now compared to before .I am a huge skeptic,not anymore thanks Robbie and MCC
Guest — 2006 streetglide
Modification: double decker memory foam /memory foam passenger
I just got my seats back and went for a ride yesterday. The seats feel great, both mamma and daddy are very happy with the mods. The look of the bike has not changed a bit. Thanks Mean City!
Wes D — Yamaha V-Star 1300
Modification: Driver: Memory Foam, Passenger: Wide Double Decker
Skeptical but not anymore. Did move me up slightly but very comfortable. Backseat bigger and went from 30 minutes of comfort to 3 hours. Cover looked great. Much Thanks for the new more comfortable ride.
Paul Breyette — 2007 nightrain softail
Modification: Memory foam mod
The seat needed some adjustment to account for my short legs and I wanted to keep that Heritage stock look with the studs. These guys do great work and are very good people, and they can remodel any stock seat for a third of the price of say a Mustang (good seat), put a heater in it, and still be much more comfortable than said Mustang. Before you buy a new seat in these economic times, check these guys out.
Chris Creasman
Las Vegas, NV — HD
Modification: 2011 Heritage
Been putting on the miles, and must say I could not have bought an aftermarket seat as comfy as the Mean City modified seat. So nice to take a 250-300 mile day trip and feel great when we get home! Not only works great, but looks awesome too. Got some week-long roadtrips coming up, confident that the MCC seat is up to the challenge. Thanks so much!
Guest — Victory Kingpin
Modification: Double Decker on driver, Wide Double Decker on passenger
I just wanted to tell you guys you have hit a home run! Your new bag liners are the bomb. Installation was super easy and look freaking awesome. I showed a couple of my riding buddies and you will be getting a call from them very soon if they haven't called already. Everybody that sees them think they look awesome too. It won't be long and you guys will be a household name. Keep up the great work.
Rob Lee — Street Glide
Modification: Bag liners
great job, can plant feet down very good now. seat fills great after a long ride. very pleased.
bill pigg — 2009 street glide
Modification: riders choice
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Amazing! The real difference is what you DON'T feel. No butt burn or soreness after riding for either me or my passenger.
Bill Wallace



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