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Anyone who has a Sportster knows that a concrete park bench is more comfortable than the stock seat..MCC did a great job with my seat...I didn't want to write a testimonial until I had the chance to do a couple hundred mile ride. I know there is a "break in" period but, I already feel a huge difference...this feels more like a lazy boy more tailbone ache and the appearance looks like a stock seat..could not be happier. the service was great and the turn around time was fast...I would recommend MCC to anyone looking for a more comfortable seat that keeps the stock appearance and is as comfortable(or more) as an aftermarket seat for 1\2 the price...very happy costumer and an even happier tailbone..thank you MCC.
Patrick McNulty — 2008 Harley-Davidson XL883L..Sportster
Modification: memory foam mod
I road the new saddle for 3 hours yesterday. Feet now on the ground, comfortable, professional! Nice. Thanks to you at MCC.
Tone50 — FLHRC
It wasn't possible to ride this bike with the stock seat for more than 45 minutes under the best of conditions. Had the gel pad and memory foam modification done, received the seat in time to ride this weekend. Spent solid 3 hours on the seat yesterday and did not need to stop. Spent another 2 hours on it today, it's really fantastic. If you own an LT I'd recommend this mod highly. I'm 6' and 285 pounds, this is an all day ride after Mean City worked their magic.
Mike in Hoodcounty Tx — BMW
Modification: Impact Gel with memory foam
Called for a ride in and got scheduled quick. rode in and had them look at the way I was sitting on the bike and asked for suggestions. we agreed on the super narrow with memory foam. the seat was very comfortable on the ride back home and I like the way I sit in the bike instead of on it. best thing of all is they make you feel at home while you wait.
Mike from South Carolina — 2012 Ultra Limited
Modification: Super Narrow
I have had my seat back for about a week now and this is a must for anyone with a rock hard stock seat. I finished a 200 mile ride without any complaints on the comfort of the seat or the support it gives. I have read on many different forums about these guys about customer service, the product they offer and thought everyone might be hyping it up too much. Well I am a firm believer in what everyone said on the forums. Customer service second to none. And the product I am ready for my 1000 mile ride coming up in August because I have a more comfortable seat than those $500-$600 seats. On top of it all it was a week turn around. I shipped my seat out on a saturday and got the seat back the next Saturday with no problems. Thank you MCC!
Loki — 06 VTX 1300c
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Had the Super Narrow mod done on my stock Ultra seat. I'm on the shorter side and was looking to gain a bit more leg reach without having to sacrifice comfort. I tried a Super Low Reach seat from Harley Davidson but the family jewels did not agree with that seat. The Super Narrow mod is great! It gave me a little over an inch of extra leg reach while not changing my riding position and increasing the comfort. I highly recommend these guys!
Ben — 2012 Ultra Limited
Modification: Super Narrow

First off, MeanCityCycles is one of the best companies I've ever dealt with. Everyone I spoke to was awesome and more than willing to answer all the questions I had. Scheduling was a breeze and the turnaround was super quick. Plus, they go out of their way to sell you what you need, not what is the most expensive! I had my seat done over the Winter and when I finally got back out this Spring, I felt an immediate improvement. After an hour on the stock seat, I had to take a break and walk around for a bit. After the double decker foam mod, I feel like I could ride all day without problems (Spent 5 hours on a trip over the weekend and felt fine once I got back home). I also had the passenger seat done at the same time and besides not shifting around as much while we ride, my wife has said she is much more comfortable as well.

Ross in Cleveland, Ohio — \\\'94 Honda Magna
Modification: Double Decker Foam Mod

I thought I had made a huge mistake after buying my 1100. It had some low wide bars on it, which didn't seem to bad while test driving around the neighborhood. But, after the ride home on the highway I noticed I kept sliding back in the seat and was worn out after the 40 minute drive home. I went with the Memory Foam Mod to move me down and forward and what a difference! The bike is VERY comfortable to ride now and the seat looks great! Actually looks a lot more like the seat off my former 1987 vt700c. These guys have great customer service,very friendly and happy to answer any questions you have. My seat arrived a day earlier than scheduled date as recommended and they did my seat a day early! My seat was expected back on Saturday, but I was riding Friday night after work. Don't look anywhere else for your seat mods, these guys have a mod to suit everyone and they are more than dependable. I wish they had a shop here in Oklahoma. Even more I wish they were a full service shop. I'd take my bike to them for everything. In a world where customer service and quality craftsmanship seem to be a thing of the past these days, these guys go above and beyond to make a customer happy.

Markus — 1988 vt1100c Shadow
Modification: Memory Foam Mod

I purchased my 2008 street glide used. I have short legs and was tip-toeing at stops. You guys lowered my seat and narrowed it at the front so my feet are on solid ground at stops. The best part is it is still very comfortable-I could ride all day! Great job! Thanks!

Jim from northeast Pa. — 2008 street glide
Modification: Harley davidson

got the seat back (quality of work was excellent) decided to wait until i rode with the wife on a couple of rides to comment. I am short 5.6 28 inseam. Yeah i am flat footed and have knee bend and we went 300 miles and it is comfortable. Great Job. Liked it so much i took it to Beach House Harley and had the staff look at it and they decided to recommend you guys to other customers with the same issue that i had. Reach seat sucks. thank you great job done on time and great quality.

john Pennell — 2011 Street Glide
Modification: super narrow and passenger seat mod
This is a great company to deal with. Their customer service is outstanding to say the least and their workmanship is unrivaled. I made an appointment date for my seat and shipped it down to arrive a in time to have the work done. They called me at 8am the morning of my appt. to inform me that my seat was completed and that is was shipping out later that day. 2 days later it was on my door step when I got home. I have put about 600 miles on this seat already and have noticed a huge difference right from the minute I put it on. The only way it can be described, is you don't realize the difference until you have ridden for over 2 hours and then it occurs to you that your rear does not hurt and you haven't been shifting around to keep comfortable.
Rich, From Central Pa. — 2011 HD Fatboy
Modification: Impact Gel with Memory foam
If this is going to take 800 miles or so to "break in" I can't imagine how good it will feel. I got the seat back this morning and went out all day today. What a kick ass seat. You guys did a fantastic job!
Bottomend — 2012 Street Glide

Repeated customer..don't look else where. MCC is a top notch practice of seat surgeons that can customize any seats to comfort,looks and length.

Freeze — 2007 Road King FLHR
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
I had my stock seat done about 3 years ago. I have put 15,000 miles on the seat since the Mod. I Will say that I am still extremely happy with my seat and have no plans to replace it. Before the Mod my butt was getting sore around the 200 mile mark. After the Mod I am still good at 450 miles. Thanks MCC!
JJ Hitt — 07 Streetglide
Modification: drivers memory foam $110. Mod
I can't begin to describe what a huge difference this seat mod made. I can ride for hours & hours, no more burnin butt. They could charge twice the price and it would be worth it.
Gary Reeves — Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
I had my seat done by MCC at the Hickory Rally. The seat was good, but it wasn't just right. I called them to see what they could do to fix it. They said there was no problem, so I dropped it off at their shop in Maiden,NC. They had the seat ready later that day and even met me in Hickory to deliver the seat...on a Motorcycle! I can't thank Steve and Robbie enough! And of course the seat is awesome.
Gordon Robeson — Buell S3T Thunderbolt
Modification: Double Decker
I sent my seat in to have the memory foam added. The seat is great and the service is better, shipping is super fast. If you need any seat mods done these are the people you want doing it.
Chris " Beetle " Bailey
Sergeant at Arms
Clearwater Chapter
Enforcers M/C — 2007 Ultra Classic
I had two seats modified to get me a little close to the ground. The difference is unbelievable. They also installed memory foam in both seats and completely transformed one seat by covering it in gator. The work was done quickly and with quality. I'll be passing the word to all my rider friends.
Dennis Livingston — 08 Street Glide
Brought in my seat to have it repaired, but instead had it transformed into the most beautiful mc seat I've ever seen. MCC added aligator panals that are just beautiful. Also added memory foam to the passenger seat for the wife. price & workmanship are 2nd to none!
john knight — H-D E-glide
After 2 months of riding since the mod, I am very happy with the results. Before - I could go about 1 1/2 hours before getting sore. Now - I can go way beyond that and the main reason I stop now is to fill up the tank (@ 180 miles). * Note: I live 30 miles away so they said come on by on a certain date and wait for it... awesome.
Rick — 2003 Vulcan 500 Ltd
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
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The reshaping, foam, and new cover were all done amazingly well and were worth every penny. The new seat has allowed me to double the number of miles I can put on the bike with no discomfort from t...
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