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So I have been looking for a new seat for months with no luck and read about MCC mods on and thought I would give it a chance, much more cost effective then another $500 mistake. Made my appointment which was over a month in advance, I was hoping this was a good sign that they were so busy and doing good work. I got my seat back 2 days after it was completed and slapped it on and took it out for a spin, 30 min,I thought what did I do, I stopped for gas and decided to keep riding, well about an hour into the ride I had no pain, no butt ache, legs were stretched out, AWESOME... The Seat mod from these guys is perfect, put me in the perfect riding position to go tank to tank without any issues.. Thanx Alan, for improving my ride
Jake Cormier — 2009 FLHTC
Modification: Seat
I just wanted to say Thank You The team at Mean City really stands behind what they do , It is so nice to do business with a group of folks who take pride in what they do. A year later and they still keep their word.I would highly recommend your service's to anybody that is serious about comfort when they ride Again THANK YOU
Kevin Dee
Bethel Ct — Full dresser
I was skeptical for sure about this modification. But once I got the seat back and saw the quality and then then feel, I was SOLD! Amazing results and I can ride all day. Before , I was stopping every chance I got. The workmanship and customer service is fantastic. I highly recommend this solution compare to a pricey off the shelf new seat you will have to break in anyway. Costa to benefit ratio is a no brainer.
C Vogt — 2002 Sportster
Modification: Memory Foam
I sent my stock seat and you narrowed and lowered it, then added memory foam. It lowered it a couple inches, now i can get my feet flat on the ground. 10000 miles later i love it . just as comfortable as the original but i feel way more connected to the bike. Thank you and keep up the great work.
Ralph — 2011 Harley Flhtk
Modification: Riders Choice
Just received my seat and took it out for a 200+ mile ride. Looks and feels Excellent! I had my 2005 Road King stock solo seat lowered 1.5" and moved me up 1". I am sitting in the bike now and it is extremely comfortable. My daughter complained about her butt hurting after 20 minutes sitting on the pillion....I guess I know what needs to be sent out next! Outstanding work Mean City Cycles!
Aaron — 2007 Road King Police
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
Had stock seat modified to lower me 1.5 inches and move me back 1 inch in addition to the double decker memory foam. Broke in the seat by taking a 1500 mile ride with no butt burn or numbness. Passenger extremely happy with the double layer of memory foam. Excellent customer service. Outstanding workmanship.
Bruce N. — 2008 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Rode up from Gastonia NC to get my seat mod. As soon as I got there they got started right away. I have to say that everyone I encountered while there were as nice as could be. It had rained while I waited so they came out and wiped my bike down with a towel without me even asking. As for the seat well there reputation speaks for itself. Loved it. Don't waste your money on a aftermarket seat. MCC is the way to go!!
Josh Dunn — Kawasaki VN900 Classic
Modification: Double Decker
Modification: riders choice an double decker passenger
Job well done. I received my seat back when I was told I would. Lauri handled my calls graciously and patiently. Lowered seat by 2 inches. Went with the memory foam both driver and passenger. Now my feet are flat on the ground and left calf is not pressing against crankcase. Plus comfort has improved ten fold. Thanks again for improving my ride.
Greg P...Sunny Isles Beach, FL — 2012 Electra Glide Classic
Modification: Super Narrow
Everything went off without a hitch. The seat arrived back when it was supposed to and it is very comfortable. MCC is a top notch outfit & I have no problem recommending them to anyone looking to have seat work done. Keep up the good work guys.
Guest — 2009 FLHX
Modification: Memory Foam Mod.& Double Decker Passenger Memory Foam
I just want to say what a SUPER job Allen did on My BMW K1200LT. Because I'm vertically challenged, Allen brought the seat down and added a bit of Memory Foam to it. The seat is comfortable, no hot spots, and can go many miles more than I can sit. Thanks for doing a great job and I hope to send you some business in the near future. How can you beat the price??? Think about this when you start to look at the other options of HIGH price modifications. They are FAST and get the seat back to you in short order. Thanks, Bill Tache
Bill Tache — 2000 BMW K1200LT
Modification: Extreme Mod
havehad seat back for month or so now did a fourhundred mile trip was able to finish without any mayjor problems still could use so padding at edge front of seat inner thighs but major improve ment over stock am satisfied with seat mod for now excellent craftsman ship stilllooks stock thankyou.
Guest — kawi zzr1200
Modification: driver
I purchased an HD Badlander seat for the low profile look. It was a great seat, but I could only stay in it for about two hours at a time. I contacted Allen and he guaranteed that if I sent him the seat he would take care of the rest and I would be 100% satisfied. It was really an act of blind faith on my part. I am fanatical about my bike and it can be exhausting for anyone to deal with me. So, for me to send out my seat and have someone change it without me being present or involved was really out of my comfort zone. I did it anyway; mainly because of his impeccable reputation. But also because Allen was patient, professional and courteous when dealing with me. Fast forward: I got the seat back in a few days. It looked great. More importantly, it felt great. My longest ride so far has been about four hours and I am AMAZED at the difference in comfort. It's a completely different seat to the point where I don't even think about it and just take it for granted now. After the thousands I've invested into my machine I can't believe this is the upgrade that has brought me the most riding enjoyment. MCC knows their stuff. And what's even better...they know our seats and how to get the most out of them. Thank you!
Charles Nicolacopoulos: Boston, MA — 2003 Harley Davidson FLSTF
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
I absolutely LOVE this mod! I was on a never-ending quest for the perfect seat. I wanted something to sit me lower, and farther away from the tank, but still be comfortable. After Mustang, Saddlemen, and Ultimate didn't fit the bill, I called Mean City. They advised me, based on my dimensions, and my desires, to do the memory foam mod. I told them I didn't mind spending the money for their most expensive mod if need be, and they told me based on my height/weight, it was not necessary. Didn't try to upsell anything not needed! I also had them fit a new piece of vinyl to the seat where i ripped it doing the "homboy" (a.k.a. "butt-cutt") mod to my seat. Excellent job, and I couldn't be happier with the seat!!!
Thomas — 2005 suzuki boulevard c50 (vl800)
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
Got my Mustang Solo Seat back from Allen today and the seat is excellant. Had the thigh area of the seat reshaped and one of the panels replaced in the seat. Replacement panel looks as good if not better than when Mustang made it. Thigh area modification took the pressure off the inside of my legs, I'm a short guy. Excellant work and craftsmen. Third seat that Mean City Cycles has done for me and I extremely satisfied with all 3. Thanks to Lorie for the scheduling and Allen's shop for the great work.
Huddle — 2007 Ultra Classic
Modification: Riders Choice & Replace Panel in Seat
Just got my seat today. This seat is perfect. I could touch the ground before but now I am perfectly flat footed and the seat is really comfortable. Thanks again.
Brian Dotson — 2012 Street Glide
Modification: Super narrow
Wow, what a difference this mod makes from the stock seat! Just got back from a 150 mile ride after installing the seat, and the difference is like day and night; no burning butt, numb legs, etc. I felt like i could ride all day with the new seat. Can't say enough good things about the folks at Mean City, so helpful during the entire process.
Darrell Lassonde — 2004 Honda VTX 1300R
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Super fantastic customer service, and exceptional work. Right out of the box, this seat is comfortable, fits like a glove, and succeeded in lowering me a good 2". I cant wait to see how much better it gets after breaking it in. I am a fan and will refer everyone I know.
David — 2013 Street Glide
Modification: super narrow
Seats are way more comfortable than we ever thought possible. Tail bone pain is gone and my wife is much happier after a long ride. Awesome company to deal with. Work completed as promised, when promised. Seats were gone for a very short period of time. Total price is well worth it. Thanks.
Jim — 08 Heritage Softail
Modification: Dvr and Pass Memory Foam
I had my seat modified twice. I initially went with the medium/soft foam. I'm what you would call a big bottom girl and it was no match. LOL! It was definitely better than the stock seat, but, I needed more support. I called in and spoke with Allen, explained my dilemma and set up a drive in appt with NO PROBLEM. This time I went with the medium foam. We drove the 8 hours this time so I couldn't test it out until we got home. We were 3 hours into the test ride when my husband asked me "How is it?" I replied "How is what?" I can honestly say I forgot what I was sitting on a motorcycle seat!! It's a small piece of Heaven!! Now, I can again enjoy 15 hour rides!! Thank you so much!
Ursula M. — 2009 Street Glide
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
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Everything went off without a hitch. The seat arrived back when it was supposed to and it is very comfortable. MCC is a top notch outfit & I have no problem recommending them to anyone looking to have...



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